Poster presentation at the DLA Annual Conference

The issue of the transferability of locally based spectral measurements to other regions, and thus the wide-range application of the spectral sky models, as well as the implementation of the spectral sky models in common lighting design software has led to the development of an autonomously operating mobile apparatus to collect long-term, spatially resolved spectral data. The aim of the invention was to set up a simplified, portable and cost-effective measuring system for autonomous spectral measurements to enable validation and local adjustment of spectral sky models for different geographical locations.

The mobile spectral station, colloquially called R2-D2, was designed to collect spectral data of a defined sky section analogous to an advanced measuring system (as for example the TU Berlin spectral sky scanner).

The presented work was part of the BA thesis of David Kaczmarek and supported by the Velux Stiftung through a grant provided to Aicha Diakite [grant number 1087]

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