Two presentations at the CIE 2019 conference in Washington

Two full-length research papers  have been presented by the TU Berlin Daylight Team at the CIE 2019 29th Quadrennial Session on June 18, 2019 in Washington D.C. The paper, titled “A DATA-DRIVEN COLORIMETRIC ANALYSIS OF THE CIE STANDARD GENERAL SKIES “ (DOI 10.25039/x46.2019.OP49), authored by Aicha Diakite and Martine Knoop, studies the colorimetric characteristics of daylight within the framework of the CIE Standard General Skies. The second paper, titled “APPROACH TO ANALYSE SEASONAL AND GEOGRAPHICAL VARIATIONS IN DAYLIGHT ILLUMINANTS“ (DOI 10.25039/x46.2019.OP31), authored by Martine Knoop, Nils Weber and Aicha Diakite, proposes a template for spectral measurements, to be used in a large worldwide measurement campaign, to modify or complement the existing CIE approach for reconstitution of daylight’s spectral power distribution.

The individual papers of the CIE 29th Session are available on the CIE website

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