Joint presentation with Jan Wienold (EPFL) at the Radiance Workshop 2018

On September 3, 2018 Jan Wienold held a joint presentation showing the preliminary results of the collaboration between the Laboratory of Integrated Performance in Design (LIPID EPFL) and the Chair of Light and Lighting (TU Berlin) focusing on the implementation of spectral sky models in Radiance.

The presentation, entitled “Making simulations more colorful: Extension of gendaylit to create a colored sky” showed the proposal of a workflow to include the spectral information in Radiance. Based on spectral measurements of 145 skypatches, collected at the TU-Berlin over more than 2 years, a preliminary spectral sky model was developed. It uses the relation CCT = f(luminance) and the Perez sky luminance distribution. The combined presentation showed results of the measurement, the developed model and its implementation into the gendaylit-tool. Additionally, some example renderings using different sky conditions were presented.

The presentation and the audio can be found here:

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