Expert discussion with Prof. Kittler and Dr. Darula at the Slovak Academy of Science

As a follow-up of the International Energy Agency (IEA) meeting in Lund Dr. Darula invited Aicha Diakite to continue discussions on sky modelling with Prof. Kittler in Bratislava at the Slovak Academy of Science. Prof. Kittler and Dr. Darula kindly shared their knowledge on the development of sky models with the young researcher and gave her an insight into their work at SAS.

Within the IEA Task on “Integrated Solutions for daylight and electric lighting” a discussion group is formed to align the spectral measurement required for, and the development of, spectral sky models. The meeting in Bratislava was a kick-off meeting for further discussions and cooperation between the researchers looking into spatially resolved spectral measurements of daylight.

Photo by Stanislav Darula


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