Second paper accepted for presentation at CIE 2017 in Jeju, Republic of Korea, October 22–25, 2017

A full-length research paper authored by the Daylight and Indoor Lighting Team from TU Berlin, Martine Knoop, Aicha Diakite, Carolin Liedtke, Kai Broszio and Mathias Niedling has been accepted for presentation at the Conference within the CIE 2017 Midterm Meeting in Jeju, Republic of Korea, October 22–25, 2017. Aicha is co-author in the accepted work, titled “Characterisation of daylight’s spatial and spectral distribution to assess its impact on human beings”

The paper shows a differentiated view on characterisation of daylight provision using spectral information of many sky patches and the quantification of light direction. The spectral information is based on spatially resolved spectral power distribution measurements of daylight with a sky scanner. The quantification of light direction is based on measurements and simulations, and includes information about intensity and origin of the light. The paper includes examples that show how this characterisation can be used to evaluate non-visual effectiveness of the light, to assess this aspect of daylight’s impact on human beings.

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