Paper accepted for poster presentation at CIE 2017 in Jeju, Republic of Korea, October 22–25, 2017

A full-length research paper authored by Martine Knoop1, Alaa-Eldin Abd-Elmageed2, Tao Luo3, Nils Weber1 and Aicha Diakite1 has been accepted for poster presentation at the Conference within the CIE 2017 Midterm Meeting in Jeju, Republic of Korea, October 22–25, 2017. The paper, titled “Spatially Resolved Spectral Sky Daylight Measurements Data: Methods of Collection, Evaluation and Representation” describes a proposal for an aligned approach of data collection, evaluation and representation of spatially resolved spectral sky data. Both collection and processing are illustrated by using information from measuring sites in Berlin and Beijing.

To provide designers, researchers and engineers with validated spatially resolved spectral data, an international collaboration between institutes is planned within a Research Forum of CIE Division 3 “Interior Environment and Lighting Design”.

1 Technische Universität Berlin, Chair of Lighting Technology, Berlin, Germany
2 National Institute of Standards (NIS), Photometry and Radiometry Division, Giza, Egypt
3 China Academy of Building Research, Institute of Building Environment and Energy, Research Center for Lighting Environment and Lighting Technology, Beijing, China




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