Light installations at the International Festival of Lights “Fête des Lumières” in Lyon

Every year, Lyon celebrates the Festival of Lights “Fête des Lumières”, which attracts up to 4 million visitors from all over the world. On this occasion, TU Berlin got invited by I.A.E. Université Lyon to design and built space-light installations for five empty shops in the city center.

From the 8th – 11th of December, five light installations by TU Berlin in cooperation with I.A.E. Université Lyon were shown at the International Festival of Lights “Fête des Lumières” in Lyon (rues Grolée et Carnot).

Aicha was one of the designers of the installation “Distributeur de Miracles”, which got very good feedback from the audience.  The installation was visited by the maire of Lyon and presented to the German Consul General Dr. Christian Seebode. “Distributeur de Miracles” was mentioned in the top 4 favorites list by the website Lyon visite:

“At 6 rue Président Carnot, the store was turned into a living space with old overhead projectors, fans, office furniture. And all that gets colored, moves, according to the audience’s choices through switches placed outside. This is a bricolage, but a bricolage à la Kusturica.”

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